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About Us & Company Computers

Marcel Vachon


Server and Desktop Help Desk Computer Technician, Portland Press Herald & Maine Sunday Telegram, Portland, Maine, July 1997 to November 2003. Responsibilities include:

  • Troubleshooting & maintaining desktops for a Mac & PC based publishing system
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving for Windows NT and Exchange servers
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving on Windows 95/98/XP desktop machines
  • Repair and maintenance of large-format, network, and desktop printers
  • Researching and recommending software and hardware upgrades
  • Training users in Macintosh and PC environment
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with users and among tech team


  • Apple Computer - Apple Certified Desktop Technician - 08/18/2003
  • Apple Computer - Macintosh Service Certification Exam - 11/20/2000
  • Apple Computer - Customer Oriented Retailing - 02/22/1989
  • Apple Computer - Macintosh Certification - 01/20/1989
  • Capitol Computers – Microsoft Windows NT Administration - 10/14/1998
  • Capitol Computers – Microsoft Windows NT Core Technologies - 01/11/1999
  • CompTIA A+ Certified Professional - 08/19/2002

Liz Beck

Liz first worked with computers while in college. At that time she was working on a mainframe with Unix and it was NOT fun. But it was challenging and she was bit by the bug. She graduated to a Timex Sinclair then to an Apple II+. After a stint with a Laser (an Apple II clone) Liz bought her first Mac. It was love at first sight. The Mac remains Liz's computer of choice although she has worked with Windows computers in various capacities.

In 1993 Liz opened Brickhouse Computer Services. She loved helping people with their Macs. After a couple years of doing just that she added teaching to the mix. At one point she had a small lab of four computers set up in her home office and gave classes to a variety of people including homeschoolers and the U.S. Coast Guard. She became a Certified Technical Trainer in 1995.

In 2004 Brickhouse Computer Services merged with Heritage MicroSystems to form Us & Computer Computers, LLC.